Personal log

MedArkive personal CPD tracker stores all your activities: meetings, reading, conferences, seminars under your personal account, making easier to record your event as it happens.

Sync with all devices

Your personal CPD account is always readily available via any digital device and your account is always synced with your latest updates.

Review your progress

Personalized dashboards summarise how many of your required hours have been completed, so you will always know which areas require more attention.

Build your report

Create your CPD report in minutes with the related activities you have stored throughout the year.

Access your favourite resources: journals, medical reports and online content keeping record of your reading activity in one integrated platform.

App Features

CPD log

It only takes seconds to log a development event, providing a quick way to gain and record CPD; MedArkive automatically updates your CPD activity, managing your content and progress in one space.


The inbuilt browser lets you read through different sources, is customized to store your passwords so every time you wish to access a resource or learning centre will only take one click.Instantly track reading time for your CPD log.


With direct access to your preferred cloud drive you can also read while away from your devices and keep track of the time spent so you can later select which device suits you best.Instantly track reading time for your CPD log.


You can review how many of your required hours have been completed and monitor every event so you will always know which areas require more attention.

Partner program

MedArkive allows any educational provider to distribute content to healthcare professionals content for online and offline access. Whether you create content or license it for distribution, MedArkive’s priority is to secure the content and the ability to distribute it through any channel.

We believe that creative and inspiring content has a greater impact and enables better learning. Our platform includes built-in content players for articles, eBooks, videos, and podcasts and allows you to combine these in any ways you think will improve learning and benefit your target audience.

To learn more about content management options and safe distribution click here: Partner Program